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Our website contains many searchable archived pages of information about vintage compacts which are accessible only to members. There is a Question & Answer section, details and photos of membersí other vintage collections, photos of membersí 'Latest Finds', 'Favourite Five' compacts, 'First Loves', information about past Conventions, a form for ordering BCCS merchandise, and the latest electronic back issues of the Face Facts newsletter.

In particular,
our very successful 'Q&A' system, where experienced members answer other membersí queries, is one of the benefits of belonging to the BCCS. An archive of Questions and Answers is searchable on the website, and since January 2021, questions and answers are being regularly posted on the Society's private Facebook Group.

Work is ongoing to implement a replacement for the current website, however progress has been slow and hampered by the Covid pandemic. In the meantime, additional pages on the website for
latest news, local/regional groups, and compacts wanted/for sale have been overtaken by regular posts on the Society's private Facebook Group.

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There is a section for non-members where previously asked questions about compacts have been answered by our members  click here to view

Here below are a few examples from our pages of Questions & Answers:

Le Rage London scenes compact

I have recently found a 'Le Rage' powder compact whilst sorting through the loft, please find some photographs attached.  I am hoping you may be able to shed some light on it.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


  • Jenny Duncan replies: Tidying up the loft can be a rotten job, but Gina should be pleased to have discovered such an attractive compact as this Le Rage depicting some famous sights of London, including St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Nelson's column and the Tower of London.  Please take a look at page 10 of these Q & A pages and you will see my response to an enquiry about a Le Rage with French landmarks.


Stratton Ballerina Identification Needed

I am an Italian dancer who has recently come across two Baron signed Stratton very nice. One is a musical compact perfectly working. The other is
a pill box. I have been told they portray real ballerinas and would like to know something about them: who are ballerinas, the epoch of these Strattons
and if they are collectable. I do not know nothing about collecting compact. Here in Italy we do not have this passion and love for
this item. But I love them and just would like to know something more, especially if they portray real ballerinas. I'm an admirer of Fonteyn. 
 Thank you for all of you. Regards from Italy.
Annalisa Argelli

  • Jenny Duncan replies: Welcome to the pleasure of compact collecting and I do hope you will join our society as we have quite a number of members in Europe and in the USA .  You are lucky to have two highly collectable Stratton pieces and both portray scenes based on photographs of the ballet by the society photographer known as Baron.  They not only portray real ballet dancers, but the costumes are from actual ballet productions.  If you take a look at the Links on this site to Favourite Five and Other Collections you will find some other examples of ballet compacts from my own collection.   I have researched the Stratton ballet range extensively and made this research available to members of our Society, so do please follow the link to our Application Form and join us.


Silver and enamel compact queries


I would like to ask your help to identify the marks on a compact I have acquired recently, it is a silver gilt and enamel compact, the lid depicts a King Charles Spaniel and the enamel work is stunning, it is by far the best I have ever seen. I would dearly like to know the makers' name and country of origin, any info would be much appreciated, thank you.
Sandra Roberts.
  • Heidi Melhuish replies:     According to my book on hallmarks the first mark would appear to be the one used in London on imported silver. The next mark identifies the metal as sterling silver, that is 92.5% silver. The third mark is a date mark for 1926, which is in keeping with the style of the compact. I would say that the compact was made in France, judging by the style. The last mark is the makers' mark which is not in my book and I think you would have to refer to a book on French silver.
  • Simon Christie replies:     The makers mark is that of Birmingham maker P H Vogel. I've owned/own several items from this importer/manufacturer of a similar date to the one in question and they are all of a very high quality. I believe that Vogel imported these items in the 20s & 30s from France. Although P H Vogel & Co are listed as 1947-93, they existed as silversmiths/importers prior to the earlier date.


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