Marcia Foster has sent in the following  "before and after"  photos of a compact that she sent to Rosanna Pollizotto in Los Angeles for restoration.  As Marcia says " amazing ! "



" These pictures show what else she is able to do.  She can also re-paint compacts. She really is someone good to know and has had an article written about her in the Los Angeles Times which also mentions the work she can do on fine enamel jewellery."     

CLICK here to see the article

If any member needs any restoration work carried out please contact Marcia at with a photo if possible.          

An example of enamel work repair.

Here is a photo of Marcia's telephone collection;


  as she says,  "All I need now is the green one!"  Perhaps someone out there has one for sale?


BCCS NOTE:   Marcia operates independently from this website. For convenience, please contact her directly via her email address.