Eleanor Bennett's

Favourite Five



My first is a Pygmalion suitcase that I bought recently from an antique shop in Bakewell, Derbyshire.
I like it because of the exotic locations printed on the front and the texture of the goldtone case


My second choice.

I have been waiting for this to be delivered from the USA for nearly a couple of weeks & I am so pleased.

It has beautiful guilloche enameling on the front and back. The roses & forget-me-nots are so beautiful & look three dimensional I could not believe my luck when I received it not only to find that such an old mirror is perfect but also the enamel is in mint condition.
It is marked inside the compact "Sterling Silver, W & H Co., Pat. Feb. 12.24." This compact was made by Wightman and Hough.




My third compact is a Stratton scone. I especially like this compact as it has such an elaborate design and it contains the original puff and sifter. The third, fourth and fifth compacts were sold to me by a dealer in Yorkshire.




My fourth  compact is a Melissa and it is a great favourite of mine as it has such a beautiful lustrous blue enamel and very pretty design.
It has never been used and it contains the original puff and sifter.



My 5th compact is such fun. The mirror bezel is marked 'Made in England' but it does not have a makers mark.

This is such a great favourite as it contains all of these:
A caped rider on a pink dappled rearing horse.
A Phoenix.
A Bird of paradise.
A butterfly.
Flamingos in a lake.
Palm trees.
A winged Serpent.
Four leaping deer.
Stars and clouds.
Two Suns.
A Flowering Cacti.
It is very weird and I would be delighted if anyone in the Club would be able to give me any information about it.


Jenny Duncan replies:


Thank you for sharing your Favourite 5 compacts with your glamorous Evans carryall.  Itís lovely to see them, but you have also presented a puzzle to intrigue us!  Yes, the designs on your gold-tone compact are weird and at the moment I am unable to de-code them!   They are reminiscent of some designs produced by Vogue Vanities in the late 1940s showing scenes from the Arabian Nights with deer, archers and salamanders.   Your compact depicts a phoenix and the other creatures may relate to various phoenix myths from Persia, Arabia and Egypt, but if I can find out more Iíll certainly let you know.  It is deliciously fantastical!